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Friday, December 7, 2007

Aromatherapy Day time Uplifting Blend

Aromatherapy is my passion. As i said earlier, it took me 2 whole yrs to actually begin using them. I was reading all about them in those 2 yrs. Once you begin using them, you'll know the difference. I have simply fallen for essential oils. Its like a hobby to buy them now :-)
Here is a really nice recipe to uplift your mood during the day time..

2 tbsp Jojoba (or any carrier oil of you choice)
15 drops Lavender oil
10 drops Rosemary oil
5 drops Lemon essential oil

You can either directly put 2-3 drops on your wrist and rub it with the other. Or use it as your bath blend of the day! Its very soothing. I even use it in my massage oil. It has helped me relieve from back ache, which i got in bargain since i gave birth to our first baby (Hiba).
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Julie said...

thats awesome. i use essential oils too. just wuv it!

Monica said...

i'd like to write on your blog. will that be okay?