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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Chime

Heres something very new and unique crafting i found while surfing...

Bring sweet sounds and sweet thoughts of holiday baking into your seasonal d├ęcor with a holiday chime that uses festive bronze and silver cookie cutter shapes.

6 bronze and silver cookie cutters (stars, bells, trees, and other holiday shapes)
2 spools of 1/4-inch wide ribbon (in two different colors if you like)
1 medium-sized embroidery hoop

Cut six, 30” ribbon pieces (three in each color). These will be used to tie the cookie cutters to the embroidery hoop.

Cut six, 18” pieces of ribbon (one color). These will be tied to the embroidery hoop for hanging.

Tie one of the 30” ribbon pieces to the cookie cutters with a simple knot and cut off any excess.

Tie the other end of the ribbon to the embroidery hoop in a bow (or tie in a tight knot and tie a bow over the knot with extra ribbon). Alternate the lengths slightly, but make sure the cookie cutters will still touch for the “chime” sound.

Space the 18” ribbon on the top of the embroidery hoop so there is one ribbon on each side of the circle and tie in tight knots.

Tie the other ends together in a knot, make a loop for hanging and tie the excess in a bow.

Hang from a ceiling hook, curtain rod over a window or outside on the front porch as a simple, welcoming accent.


Patricia said...

looks good. cheap and inexpensive.

Lubna said...

Do you have more of these kinds? crafts i mean.

Kimberly Ann said...

What a cute idea!