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I started off with this blog with an intention of having multiple authors. Hence the name "The E Homemakers". So, if you want to contribute by writing, or convey a message through my blog, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would only love to have you around my blog. Please do no feel lost if sometime you come here and find the looks changed. I get bored really soon so I keep on adding/subtracting things.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feeling Low

Before I forget, I want to thank K3 for tagging me once again.
Things have been rough at my place lately. First bhabhi got admitted to hospital for lil pregnancy related complication and then some conjugal problems. I just dont like scrapbooking and blogging right now. I wanted to and i am loaded with ideas for both, but somehow i dont think its going to happen for sometime soon. When i am low, my mind is blank. Simply blank. I dont even feel like looking to my left or right. I get worried and discouraged really soon. I am not the FIGHTER types, like i read about people in articles/books. I rather wonder howcome that woman's mind was WORKING all this time?? Coz i rather go numb when things go wrong. See....i dont even have the energy to write what i am feeling like. So i am making it short and not-so-sweet.

Right now I just feel so lonely and wrong and depressed and tired and sleepy and breathless and i just wish thing would get better asap.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been TAGGED by K3. Though i have been tagged before by Aryan's mom, but this was the Blessings Tag that i saw yesterday on almost every blog and was desperately waiting for my turn! Thanks K3 once again.
I have been going nuts over Scrapbooking lately. I have created loads of templates and layouts. But right now i am short of photo supplies. I mean scrapbooking means a lil classy pics. but most of ours and Hiba's pics are from day to day life, and kind of boring for scrapbooking purposes. I have made a couple of "ours" (DH and mine) too, but unfortunately, cant upload it on this darn internet for privacy purposes. Last night I even tried my hand at Corel Draw. It was the first time i ever used it. I dread it is going to be my next addiction. I can say it by the way my mind was craving for its video tutorials and my hunt for the same till 4 in the morning. I did find some, and came to know lots of different things, which is possible in Corel Draw, which i itched my brain wounded to do in Photoshop, with no positive results. The hence achieved li'l triumph had no bounds of joy. I felt the techie side of my soaring high.. *Grins*

OK. About the blessings tag..
I want to tag


Aryans Mom


Ojas/Tejas's Mom

They and a couple of more blogs are the only ones i visit. They have really nice posts and really cute kids too. I love them all. Blessings to all of you and also to the ones i have not tagged. Apparently my heart is not stingy to give out blessings. BLESSINGS BLESSINGS BLESSINGS!! Its a blessed month it seems.

My Blog circle is still too short. One of my, in fact my only New Year resolution was to increase the readership of my blog. I've been working on it, but Photshop has kept me from giving in my 100%. Lame reason i know... but i need someone to bear the blame and Photoshop is not a living thing to mind it! Right PS? :-D

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My first few scraps

This is my first scrapbook page. As i promised, i have used LATEST Hiba's pics, which shows her face clearly here. Darly is one of her oldest and most favorite soft toy. Its a pink hippo as you can see. There was a time when she was smaller than Darly. Then they were of the same height. And now Hiba has beaten him! Though its still a li'l big for her (still) tiny hands, but she manages it as good as any of us elderly being.

This is another one, when Hiba was 7 months old. Aww so CUTE. I miss her being this young. She was truly an angel. Her goo goos and gaa gaas still echo in my ears. How time flies! There are so many things from those days that i cherish. If only i was a wonderful writer!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pic pick

I don't know why i didn't upload any of Hiba's pic till now. This one is latest. Though its only her profile visible in this one, will upload another one which shows more of her.