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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My first few scraps

This is my first scrapbook page. As i promised, i have used LATEST Hiba's pics, which shows her face clearly here. Darly is one of her oldest and most favorite soft toy. Its a pink hippo as you can see. There was a time when she was smaller than Darly. Then they were of the same height. And now Hiba has beaten him! Though its still a li'l big for her (still) tiny hands, but she manages it as good as any of us elderly being.

This is another one, when Hiba was 7 months old. Aww so CUTE. I miss her being this young. She was truly an angel. Her goo goos and gaa gaas still echo in my ears. How time flies! There are so many things from those days that i cherish. If only i was a wonderful writer!


Shilpa said...

hey, i really like ur scrapbook.
another reminder that i need to get photoshop

Aryan said...

Oh no..she is looking so adorable..hugs to her..
I wish I had a girl kid..
Aryan's mom

Itchingtowrite said...

so cute!!! sometimes even i wish they wud be youngr again
only in fotos u can see the differenc between now and then

Preethi said...

oh this is so adorable... I also love your layout

Lynne said...

Your pages look fabulous! Your little one is so cute, it's amazing how they grow.

K 3 said...

Nice work! BTW, stop by for treat! ;)

Aryan said...

I hope Hiba's health is good now..TAke care of her and spread the positive vibes..
sweet little darling she is..
Aryan's mom