Hello and welcome to my blog.
I started off with this blog with an intention of having multiple authors. Hence the name "The E Homemakers". So, if you want to contribute by writing, or convey a message through my blog, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would only love to have you around my blog. Please do no feel lost if sometime you come here and find the looks changed. I get bored really soon so I keep on adding/subtracting things.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update

I know its been really long i made a post here. I have some family issues to sort out. Just been busy with that. Its actually something that has taken all my attention and energy. Been too depressed lately :-(. I haven't felt like photoshoping these days. Just keeping my fingers crossed that all the pieces fall back in their place asap.

The only good thing that happened to me lately was me getting selected as a designer at piece of cookie. Its a new site by a really really talented upcoming designer Tamara...Very sweet and helpful. I am yet to be set up at the back end at the moment coz of some pay pal account issues from my side (actually I am confused if i should use my a/c or hubby's ^_^).

Well.. thats it for now i guess?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Changes on the other blog

Ok girlies!
I am finally up with my first freebie! as i said earlier, the name of my freebie blog might change till i post my first very own freebie, is sure did.
I think momnets (especially with our kids) are very precious. Hence i named it Opal Scraps.
It took me weeks to hang on to that one name. I am so so so great ful to all of you for sticking around with me all this time. I am so happy to have some people around me since i started off with the very idea of scrapbooking to hinting freebies to what i am today... an aspiring designer!! *almost watery eyes*
Here is a lit of people i want to tag to say thanks. I might be too occupied to visit you all's blog and leave a comment, but i'll be tagging you now and then to make sure that you all know you are being thought of!

Aryan's mom
Itching to write
~nm for sticking around lately :-) thanks for being around gal!

check out my other blog ans let me know what you think of the freebie. A whole lot of makeover is still left to be done to it though. requires time and patience, which i have been losing lately.
stick around
I love you all!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New blog

Hi dear bloggers.
good to know you all still remember me. i know its no season for hibernation, but still i am off for it every now and then. I am head over heals in love with photoshop (as you all know). I just cant seem to have enough of it. I am thinking i should better start off with making my own products, now that i know just enough to do the same. Although its a very very vast thing to master. Requires hell lot of time and creativity. Competition is something like i never saw before!

Anyways, to commence what i have (almost) planned, i have started another blog. I am not yet fixed with the name of the blog though. It might keep changing until my first upload. Till then, keep checking my profile (for the new name LOL). This blog will mostly have freebies. Papers mostly for now, for scrap booking. Oh ya i forgot to mention one thing Digiscrapshak hired me for their CT (creative team) which means i'll be getting their goodies for free to create LOs (layouts) for their gallery. How cool is that?! Thanks to Lori Giles (owner of the site) who has been really kind to give me the opportunity to do the same. The site is down at the moment due to some family problems at her place though. It will be up in a couple of months i guess. In the mean time, i have ample time to learn more of scrapping!! :-D

Right now i have so much on my mind...I am hardly able to focus. Got guests at my place too. Scrapping is something that helps me have some time for myself apart from sweating in kitchen to cleaning Hiba's potty! Just watching new colors makes me feel sooooo good. I wonder if its only me who is feels like this for colors nature has blessed us with, or is there someone else like me too. Raise you hand if you do!