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I started off with this blog with an intention of having multiple authors. Hence the name "The E Homemakers". So, if you want to contribute by writing, or convey a message through my blog, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would only love to have you around my blog. Please do no feel lost if sometime you come here and find the looks changed. I get bored really soon so I keep on adding/subtracting things.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


God! i know i disappear just as magically. Phew! After what looks like an eternal 2.5 months duration, i was finally alone since last week. House was a mess with guests and echoes of clattering of pots 19/7 (yes i am being that specific). I was exhausted like a cricketer after a day and night match. I am not too fond of cricket, but i have always been amazed at the stamina of all those players. Every day and night match i watch (which is very very rare), all the time i cant stop thinking how tired they must be feeling. They are humans too after all. DH had taken a week's off. Those were last year's pending holidays. But still we hardly had time for each other. Frankly i cant take a single person extra in my house 24/7 for more than a week or 10 days max. They start getting on my nerves. In fact anyone would feel the same way. I have drafted posts over posts many times, but my feelings used to change every time i got an opportunity to "post" them so i drafted another post. and then another and so on...
In the mean time i was away from scrapbooking too. oh how i missed my photoshop!! here are some scrap pages i created for DH and his colleague s's babies...

Credits: I am sorry but i dont really remember this kit. But would like to thank the designer from the bottom of my heart. Oh yes! the alpha is by Shabby Princess in her Moody Blues kit.

Credits: Butter cream mini kit by cgram

Credits: Kit Fraicheur by Nani Douce

Credits: Pink Sherbat Kit by Kim Hill

Credits: Lorie M New lifes Dreams kit and many embs by different designers just that i dont have time to name them all but would sure like to thank them a lot. same case with other layouts too.

Credits: Lollipop kit by Kawouette

Seems my creativity has increased an ounce by this time. hehe. You can very well see the improvement from my first scrap page to these.
p.s: for a better view, click on the pic to enlarge them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some scraps...

Credits: Express Yourself kit by Ronna Penner @ www.Scrapadelic.com

Credits: Tabrizia Beach House Impressions Kit at http://digitalscrapbookgrapixs.blogspot.com/

This one is probably when hiba was 3-4 months old. Cute as a candy wasnt she?!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick update

I have just added this Blogarithm thing on my blog. So you can know when i have updated mine and hence saving your time by actually visiting my blog, waiting to let its contents downloaded and then read the newer post which really isnt there! Just subscribe to it and viola! I know!! Thank me thank me quick :-D

OK. After a week's pell-mell. we've finally decided to name the baby (bhabhi's) Ayesha. Its the only name her father has stuck his mind to since long before Ayesha was born. There were a variety of names we suggested especially the ones starting with Z, for he loved names that had or started with Z. So we are kind of surprised at his choice of name for his daughter. Anyways, its a really nice name from Islamic point of view, so we are all happy with it. Ayesha is yet to recover from jaundice and i am yet to make her scrap page. I will, sometime soon.

Thanks K3 for tagging me once again. Thats really kind of you. :)

We've been cooking really yummy things lately for the lactating mother. hehe. That way we too are getting to have things we usually dont get to eat....mostly coz they taste yummy only after following a long long recipe. Thanks to bhabhi's sisters who have come over. They have been a great help lately. I dont know if all of the bloggers around who read my blog are non-vegetarians, so i am not mentioning the names of the dishes we've had lately ..(uumm... yum yum) else i'd have.
Ayesha, Hiba and cooking are the only things that have kept us on our toes lately, so i am not that regular these days. maybe from next week i'll be more regular.
thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hi all
I am BACK! Things are normal now. After a long time today i felt like blogging and thats when i thought.. THIS IS IT! It was this feeling, that was missing since the last mishap. I am so happy to see all your people's wishes. Thanks a trillion for the same. Aryan's mom, i am so glad you remembered me twice during this long silence of mine. I am so honored to know that i am actually being thought of by my virtual buddies and co-bloggers. I simply cant thank you all enough.

OK heres the good news... Bhabhi was blessed with a really really pretty baby girl the day before i.e. 28th Feb . Well actually ANGEL is the right word for her. Soon i'll be scrapping her pic here and you'll know what i mean by Angel. Awww... i miss Hiba being that young. Her first day in this bad bad world is something still afresh in my mind. As if it all happened just yesterday. I can never ever forget it. And i think no mom can. Naturally, women have been created with such a silly computer in their minds that they have the ability to remember every thing thats silly, especially for a man. Like dates, first every things etc. Actually i really cant make out if we are silly or men! I think i should do a poll on that. Any ways, back to the topic..
Bhabhi and my mom are still in the hospital. They were supposed to come home today, but right at the last moment, the baby was diagnosed with slight jaundice. Its normal though, but still we are worried...and thats normal too i guess?

Another new thing...
I made pasta today! yoohoo!!! No kidding.. seriously i had never made pasta in my life till now. The other day, on another supermarket trip, i came across this pasta sauce, which sounded really yum, but ended up being not so yum. Anyways i was excited for this weekend to try my hand at pasta, i did it, and i don't think i'll be making it one more time. Or maybe i will, if anyone of you gives me a nice recipe or if i come across a new sauce. GOD! I am so inconsistent!

What else.. uumm... Ah yes! Hiba has started singing Twinkle Twinkle. The words are all broken like a crushed glass, but its so so funny and cute and satisfying to have her reached another milestone. Her lyrics are like this:
Titu titu lilly saar
Aow I wonna wa ee waaarr
papapapa wol so waaa
lak e dama @$T%#$Y%$#$^#^ (dont know whats that)
YAYYY!! *applause*

You might not find it that funny reading it, but its really sweet to hear it. Thats all from my side at the moment..