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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some scraps...

Credits: Express Yourself kit by Ronna Penner @ www.Scrapadelic.com

Credits: Tabrizia Beach House Impressions Kit at http://digitalscrapbookgrapixs.blogspot.com/

This one is probably when hiba was 3-4 months old. Cute as a candy wasnt she?!


Swati said...

This is sooo cute :)

K 3 said...

She is such an angel ... a true princess! And good scrap book effort.

Shilpa said...

the second one is real good
look's like Hiba is trying to scare u :)

shilpa said...

What happened?
Back into a haitus?

Asha said...

Chubby baby! So cute..

Aryan said...

Hei..back to hibernation???