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Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick update

I have just added this Blogarithm thing on my blog. So you can know when i have updated mine and hence saving your time by actually visiting my blog, waiting to let its contents downloaded and then read the newer post which really isnt there! Just subscribe to it and viola! I know!! Thank me thank me quick :-D

OK. After a week's pell-mell. we've finally decided to name the baby (bhabhi's) Ayesha. Its the only name her father has stuck his mind to since long before Ayesha was born. There were a variety of names we suggested especially the ones starting with Z, for he loved names that had or started with Z. So we are kind of surprised at his choice of name for his daughter. Anyways, its a really nice name from Islamic point of view, so we are all happy with it. Ayesha is yet to recover from jaundice and i am yet to make her scrap page. I will, sometime soon.

Thanks K3 for tagging me once again. Thats really kind of you. :)

We've been cooking really yummy things lately for the lactating mother. hehe. That way we too are getting to have things we usually dont get to eat....mostly coz they taste yummy only after following a long long recipe. Thanks to bhabhi's sisters who have come over. They have been a great help lately. I dont know if all of the bloggers around who read my blog are non-vegetarians, so i am not mentioning the names of the dishes we've had lately ..(uumm... yum yum) else i'd have.
Ayesha, Hiba and cooking are the only things that have kept us on our toes lately, so i am not that regular these days. maybe from next week i'll be more regular.
thanks for stopping by.

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Aryan said...

Hi..Thanks for Blogrithm..I subcribed it..Ayesha name is very good..Enjoy the days