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Friday, November 30, 2007

Aromatherapy can be dangerous!

Its been almost two years since i have been reading and researching aromatherapy/essential oils. I was rather reluctant to begin using it, for i had heard some scary stories about the same. It was of course due to lack of knowledge or should i say lack of "testing-before-using" habit. I dont know about others, but i have this strong habit of testing before using any product over the rugged area of my elbow. It helps me make out if that particular thing suits me.

I had this friend who used some drops of May Chang essential oil directly in her tub water and ended up having her private parts burnt. Another careful habit that i have is, though almost all the web sites recommend using essential oils directly in your bathing water, i dont follow it at all!!! No matter what, even if its just small amount of oil, i blend it with a carrier oil before using it in my bath water. Carrier oils being a little thick and greasy, leaves my skin extra soft and replenished.

So gals, its always better to dilute your essential oils, even if you are using it for a bath.

Cooling Body Splash

Some of us head for the river when we need cooling relief, but if you don’t have a river nearby, try these simple refreshers instead: they’re easy to make and fun to splash on, with special ingredients to tone and deodorize, lift your mood and revitalize you.

Basic Body Splash Method

  • 2 ounces distilled water
  • 20 drops Essential Oil of choice (we recommend Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or Lavender)

  • Find a glass bottle with a misting pump spray top (you can find old perfume bottles at garage sales or thrift shops–just be sure to wash them out very well–or you can buy new bottles online.)

  • Add the oil drop by drop to the water. Shake before every use. May be stored in the fridge

    for extra cooling!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chicken 65

I always wanted to make Chicken 65, the real desi style. And so i found this blog on recipes. It is rather a treasure land of recipes. All that you housewives ever wanted to cook for your hungry hubbies. Right now i am going nuts as to what to cook next! check out the top 25 recipes as well.

I made it last weekend, and it was simply awesome. Do try it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Book

The book i am reading these days (Mini guide to help your children read and write by...i really did'nt see or cared to remember the author's name, coz thats not what i want to learn. i want to learn whats mentioned in the title) mentions that a child, from age 1-5 yrs has the capability to read, write and understand five different languages! This also of course has had examples in the recent past.
Can you believe it? It is since then i started tutoring Hiba more than the normal time. I don't cook in time, but thats ok. I don't get to eat or sleep in time, and thats ok still... because somehow i guess, i wont be able to compromise on my daughter's capabilities and skills. I was always an average student or maybe slightly better. But i don't want my children to be one of my kinds. I want to see them NO.1 throughout their lives. Or at least i can TRY? Hiba seems to be better than me in caliber. You can never guarantee a child's capabilities, coz they, like any other human being go through the continuous process, called CHANGE all their lives. But right now, she definitely knows more than the other children of her age around. Best part is, she loves reading! at age 1 and half yrs, she has around 10-15 books. And yes, she knows pretty much from those books. Its still less than the examples i read in the book, but i have just begun you see..

Right now every moment counts. And i took out this lil time to make this blog entry, for my amusement (yes i need it too from time to time) and also because she is in no mood to study right now!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

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