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Friday, November 30, 2007

Aromatherapy can be dangerous!

Its been almost two years since i have been reading and researching aromatherapy/essential oils. I was rather reluctant to begin using it, for i had heard some scary stories about the same. It was of course due to lack of knowledge or should i say lack of "testing-before-using" habit. I dont know about others, but i have this strong habit of testing before using any product over the rugged area of my elbow. It helps me make out if that particular thing suits me.

I had this friend who used some drops of May Chang essential oil directly in her tub water and ended up having her private parts burnt. Another careful habit that i have is, though almost all the web sites recommend using essential oils directly in your bathing water, i dont follow it at all!!! No matter what, even if its just small amount of oil, i blend it with a carrier oil before using it in my bath water. Carrier oils being a little thick and greasy, leaves my skin extra soft and replenished.

So gals, its always better to dilute your essential oils, even if you are using it for a bath.

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Anonymous said...

Was looking up how to make candels and found you. Love your blog. Love aromatheraphy same as you. Your page is beautiful. I too read for years first about aromatheraphy. Need a hobby so am taking up making candles. Haven't make one yet, just doing the research, probably try in a month. So glad stumbled on your blog, by the bye, I'm 56 what is the meaning of blog???? Great site yours please keep it going. Gail tyyt jones