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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Book

The book i am reading these days (Mini guide to help your children read and write by...i really did'nt see or cared to remember the author's name, coz thats not what i want to learn. i want to learn whats mentioned in the title) mentions that a child, from age 1-5 yrs has the capability to read, write and understand five different languages! This also of course has had examples in the recent past.
Can you believe it? It is since then i started tutoring Hiba more than the normal time. I don't cook in time, but thats ok. I don't get to eat or sleep in time, and thats ok still... because somehow i guess, i wont be able to compromise on my daughter's capabilities and skills. I was always an average student or maybe slightly better. But i don't want my children to be one of my kinds. I want to see them NO.1 throughout their lives. Or at least i can TRY? Hiba seems to be better than me in caliber. You can never guarantee a child's capabilities, coz they, like any other human being go through the continuous process, called CHANGE all their lives. But right now, she definitely knows more than the other children of her age around. Best part is, she loves reading! at age 1 and half yrs, she has around 10-15 books. And yes, she knows pretty much from those books. Its still less than the examples i read in the book, but i have just begun you see..

Right now every moment counts. And i took out this lil time to make this blog entry, for my amusement (yes i need it too from time to time) and also because she is in no mood to study right now!


Julie said...

thats amazing. i dint know that!

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