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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feeling Low

Before I forget, I want to thank K3 for tagging me once again.
Things have been rough at my place lately. First bhabhi got admitted to hospital for lil pregnancy related complication and then some conjugal problems. I just dont like scrapbooking and blogging right now. I wanted to and i am loaded with ideas for both, but somehow i dont think its going to happen for sometime soon. When i am low, my mind is blank. Simply blank. I dont even feel like looking to my left or right. I get worried and discouraged really soon. I am not the FIGHTER types, like i read about people in articles/books. I rather wonder howcome that woman's mind was WORKING all this time?? Coz i rather go numb when things go wrong. See....i dont even have the energy to write what i am feeling like. So i am making it short and not-so-sweet.

Right now I just feel so lonely and wrong and depressed and tired and sleepy and breathless and i just wish thing would get better asap.


Preethi said...

aaw.. hugs to you.. hope things get better soon

K 3 said...

Hope things get better ... and don't worry take a break - looks like you need (& deserve) it.


Aryan said...

Don't worry Hiba's Mom..we just need to face it..Please be calm and you will feel better..Infact your worries will vanish if you look at Hiba's face right...
Just take a break and be back with a bang...Take care
Aryan's Mom

Shilpa said...

Things can only get better now.
Relax. And smile.

Aryan said...

Hiba Mommy, this is Aryan..Hope you feel good soon. I know how difficult it is when you are not well..In your bad mood please don't disturb Hiba,,,,

Aryan said...

HI How are you feeling now...Hope you start blogging soon
Aryan's mom