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Monday, December 24, 2007

Brands I have Tried and Fallen for...

I don't know, but somehow i am yet to find a moisturizer better than Olay. It suits me so well, leaving my skin soft and supple. My skin feels so nourished and looked after soon as i wear it. It really goes with its tag line... "Love the skin you're in". Best part is, all its products do the same wonder. Clinique is equally well, but it does not fit in my budget...

As for body lotion, nothing can beat VS (Victoria's Secret). I wonder how they know what to make and how! The quantity of its ingredients is just so perfect! Now I know why celebs have such awesome skin. Half of their work is done by really really nice and hours of makeup. Rest of it is looked after by these expensive, but really really nice brands!

After a long time i got my hands on this ultimate L'Oreal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo+Conditioner. I get dandruff problem from time to time. I used to use Head And Shoulders. It worked initially. But after delivering a baby girl in April 05, I don't know if MY body internals changed or H&S drifted from good to worse-shampoo-ever... I just realized it stopped working! Then my mom got me this master piece from Dubai. My hair fall rate reduced to half in first wash itself. No dandruff and of course the conditioner in it is doing wonders. It's a must try for every skin/hair conscious girl out there.

I have a huge list of perfumes i have tried and i like. It certainly will need a whole new post. Will do that asap.

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