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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Relaxed or Thoughtful?

Since two days suddenly i have ample time. I used to save every moment of the day by finishing off chores asap, so that i get sometime to catch up with blogging and photoshop tutorials by evening. But it simply wasn't working. It was only around mid-nights after Hiba slept, when DH and I had a quite coffee time... to talk, surf and blog. But these days i am so relaxed. Not much of fussy-tantramatic Hiba, not much of cooking, no more scattered toys in toy land aka living room. Maybe coz mom has come over. Bhabhi is expecting a baby. So she has come over to take care of her. They live just across the street so Hiba is on her joy spree these days. She has two big houses to run about in. Suddenly she is an even happier child. Change of environment works a lot for toddlers. Half of her day is spent at mom's. Even our maid is happy coz theres not much for her to do either.

I wonder when will i start trusting people around. Theres just this one family i trust and let Hiba play with their daughter. They are one of those well cultured, spiritual family. There maybe others too, but i don't really like to take chances by testing an then deciding, at the moment. Maybe when she get a LITTLE older, i'll try to let her chose her own friends. I don't know... thinking of her teenage right now, it seems i'll never be able to trust her friends either. I mean come on! All of us has been in that age at one time. Even if we were not in those brats-gangs, we are well aware of the variety of kids that come to school. And these days bad ones out number the good ones.
OK Time out! I dont want to and I dont need to think of all this so soon. I just need to work on her learning abilities for now.

Moral of the story.. Hiba seems to be turning me in to a psycho mom!!


Aryan said...

Hei nice post. How old is Hiba? You blog looks very good with background pictures..

Shilpa said...

make the most of it while it lasts

K 3 said...

Hopped over from Aryan's blog. A very nice blog indeed.

It is really nice to have grandparents around for the kids to be spoiled. Plus food tastes better when mom makes it ... Aaraam hi aaraam ! Enjoy! :)

Aryan said...

Oh graphic designer..I appreciate your creativity.. This is a profession that needs lots of patience and creativity..I really lack it. I sometimes get irritated when I work with the Adobe illustrator because I have not mastered the tool. Paintshop pro was better for me..Anyway not much to do with graphics because I am a technical writer. But Hats of to you..
Aryan's mom

Asha said...

Your blog looks simply cute! I'm loving it :)

starry nights said...

I love the look of your blog also.it is so refreshing.lovely pastels and the pics soooooooooo cute.