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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free and still occupied...

As i said I am a lil relaxed these days, but at the same time i am also trying to make most of it by looking after things that were longing for some attention, but i just didn't get an opportunity to pay heed to. Especially things related to cleaning. Now that i am done with some of it, i wish i had clicked some "before" pictures of the same. Its so cool looking at that before and after pics.

Yesterday i finally got a chance to go to the supermarket, which again was long over due. There was a time when i enjoyed trips to super markets... just to have a glimpse of whats new in the market. And apparently it used to get a lil expensive for we actually went to buy just the needfuls, but used to return with plenty-ful.
Since Hiba happened, those trips have merely reduced to "a CHORE"! Especially when i have to go there all by myself, carrying a toddler, who can neither be left on her own to walk, nor can she be carried in arms (which is what she wants) all the time... not to forget those huge shoppers (bags) on the way back home. Yesterday was not that tiring, coz i went with bro in his car.

And yes, i got a nice soup mug free with 3 Maggie soups.. which rather looks like a coffee mug. It "was" a pale blue colored piece until i painted it with some really ugly things in silver. I don't know why my hands were scratching-to-sketch so much last night. It was one of those late night coffee sessions when i turned it into a disaster. Only after i was done painting, i realized i could have simply made it look pretty with some polka dots and hearts instead of all that kalakaari :-D. The only "smart" thing *rolls eyes* i did was, i wrote "For DH" on it, to shut his mouth from (very much deserving) criticism. I admit, i am the worst painter EVER!
The good part it, the color i used seems like easy-to-wear-off thing. Soon our maid will "clean" it and i'll be able to paint it *coughs* better.

Here are the pics..I know what you all must be thinking. You have all the rights and my undeniable permission to laugh out loud :-D.


Shilpa said...

hey, hv u heard of chinese mehndi?
ur designs look very similar.

Lynne said...

Well, I like the mug! (maybe not so much the artwork, but the mug is cool!)
I've been doing some cleaning myself. I am very behind and need to get back on track. I'm slow, but am working on it!

K 3 said...

Cleaning is such a booring chore!!
You can tell, my house is going to be a mess once my parents leave!! :(

BTW, thanks for stopping by!

Shilpa said...

well its the latest in mehndis. but it is very intricate and cute. Too many curved lines and dots and small designs.

Shilpa said...

We had a family occassion at the end of last year and we had called our beautician to apply mehndi for all the women.
And thats when I came to know about it.

Aryan said...

hi..very beautiful mugs..
You are so right right about taking toddler and going to shopping..It is very difficult..

Aryan's MOM

starry nights said...

I think your art work is cool!