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Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am simply amazed how Shabby Princess makes all those pretty graphics. I too want to make something similar to it. Yes, we were not taught anything even remotely close to something like that in school. Hence learning Photoshop has been my latest crush kind of hobby these days. I don't remember when was the last time i slept properly. It gets really late at night watching, reading and leaning its tutorials. Then Hiba keeps getting up lots of times during the night. I wonder how and when will i be able to eradicate her midnight "Bottle" feeds. She is simply in no mood to accept anything coming between herself and her bottle when she wakes up at midnight. She screams so badly, i don't have any other choice than to shut her mouth up with the feeder, unless i want my tired hubby to wake up only to get back to feeling sleepy by dawn. I feel so tired. I have only a thousand ideas to make PS stuffs running in my head even while sleeping. But not enough energy to put it into practice. Sigh!


Cheryl said...

good luck girlie! howz hiba anywayz?

Lynne said...

So, how's it going with photoshop? Maybe you'll share what you're learning with your readers! :-D

The E HomeMaker said...

LOL. sure anytime.