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Thursday, January 3, 2008

All Thanks To Shopping Malls

Beware of Sales!!

Trips to shopping malls are always exciting. What follows is something different from what we are usually expecting. It brings a series of both, positive and negative aftermaths. Frustration.. for the stuffs you want to buy, but you can't, for some reason. Maybe cost cutting or maybe you already have something similar to it. You have to force yourself to leave behind "But oh!! it's sooooo pwetty! i don't wanna let it go!"
This frustration is then followed by ideas, how you can substitute that particular thing. Sometimes it works, some times you make it work, for you still can't BUY it. Then follows encouragement. You encourage yourself to supplement family's income in some way. All thanks to "that stuff" which keeps bringing in inspiration to keep going. You then sign up on google adsense. Or start selling the graphics you made in PSP or Photoshop lately. Or anything similar to it. I'll give you a small example...
Last week i got an oil diffuser. Exactly the types i was looking for. We went to the Mall last night to buy a Breakfast Table.. the ones you can keep on bed too. We bought it for using laptop though. There i came across better diffusers and OMG! So many pretty candles and incense sticks! Candles are my weakness i must mention here. I don't know why i am so obsessed with candles. Ok back to the topic. I knew i can't buy them. Rather i knew i should not buy them. Come on! i just bought one. That night, i dreamed what all i saw there. And thats how these trips actually come to an end. With a whole new dream.


Lynne said...

I hate it when you finally decide to buy something you've been wanting, only to find something even better right afterwards! Good reason to stay away from the mall!
Thanks for coming by and visiting again! I've subscribed to your feed in my reader. :-D

The E HomeMaker said...

LOL. i agree with you.