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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now And Then

When i was done with my previous banner, I was on top of the world. It was something unique and new i had created with the one ounce of creativity i possess. They say "happiness is ephemeral". So was something i experienced. The moment i saw it put up on my blog, it was appealing no more. And since then i have been breaking my head to make a *coughs* better one. After making 5 more banners, i decided to put up this one. I love dots and stripes. In fact i love all cute things. Sometimes it gets a little childish, but don't we all harbor a lil child in us?

Being a Company Girl, I am on a Cleaning Spree these days. Of course with the help of mom (I don't know how it would have been possible without her).

was cleaning wardrobes. (This time, I am not in sync with the site though, but it sure works as an inspiration.) I still cant organize wardrobes like she used to/does. The way I do (which i don't know how to explain) gets messed up in no time. But the way she does, is easy to maintain a wardrobe's looks for something like forever.

Now, after being a homemaker for two and half yrs, its easier for me to understand "organizing" things around the house, what used to be rocket science once upon a time, for I was in hostel during the learning-bits-of-homemaking days. Then suddenly i got married and responsibilities poured in from every possible nook. With in no time i conceived and along came more work and stress. I remember the days when i used to be breathless, hungry, tired with sour legs ALL at the same time and all the time. I either had time to eat or work. Coz in both cases Hiba honestly and equally played a role to trouble. My fault was, i gave more importance to work, which i was not able to do "perfectly" back then, reason being terrible weakness and hunger. I was trapped in a vicious circle. Work > no food > weakness > more work. I cried and fed Hiba. Cried and changed her soiled diapers. Cooked food with the baby clinging on to my legs, screaming to be taken in arms, and i cried more. Till Hiba was one yr 3 months old, i dont remember a single night when i slept for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. She was either hungry or had colics. For some unknown reason i wasn't able to put her into a regular sleep routine. She wanted to be nursed through the night. And thats what i did. She still wants at least 3-4 (bottle) feeds during the night. But thankfully I get to sleep at least two and half to three hours at a stretch. Its enough to take care of most of the tasks of a day. Only things is I am not able to get up early in the mornings for not being able to sleep through the night.

It was the worst but still the most beautiful phase of my life. I want another baby, but i am yet to muster courage to even think of what its gonna be like then...

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Shilpa said...

Hey, thanks for offering your graphics. I think the new one looks just as great.

Question: what software do you use to create these images?

And about Hiba, two years from now, you'd wish she had remained just the way she was two years ago :-)
May be thats why our previous generation had so many kids. "makkaLirallamma mane thumba" (Let the house be filled with kids)

Aryan said...

Hi..nice banner..the first one was very good..Oh you had wrost time before..glad that now homemaking has improved...
Aryan's mom

Shilpa said...

hey, I am the questioning type. You tell me one small thing and I'll ask a hundred questions :-)

And Thanks. But I am not going to use your pictures. Was just curious. Might try my hand at it too.

Itchingtowrite said...

nice banner-
i agre with u, dots, stripes.. love them.. polka dots my favourite pattern, and stripes anyday for my kids cloths!!

Itchingtowrite said...

btw- hav replied to your query on my blog post