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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fab Friday!

Fridays always make me feel relaxed. Happy fab Friday!! Phew! weekend is finally here! Although weekends are equally hectic, but still there is a sense of relief somewhere. It tends to get less calm by the time its just Sunday afternoon. I plan on doing some more photoshop today. Sometimes i feel i know quite a bit. Other times i feel i am the least creative girl on earth! Its still a long long way to go. I wish we were something like people from The Matrix. You know.. machines, yet human. Download every hee thing you want to learn. Just one click and tadaa! "Congratulations! You are now an advanced user of Photoshop. We hope you had a pleasant time "downloading" our learning program."
Things are never the way you want. Don't i sound a lot like... impatient?? Ok time for some..


monica said...

You are improving day by day i can see!!

Cheryl said...

yay!! i know friday is here. how about your dinner plan with DH?

Jenny said...

Pls dont ask about my weekend!! it was terrible.

Shilpa said...

any woman's routine :-)

Shilpa said...

and I have added you :-)

btw, how do you add Google ads to your blog? Don't they expect you to have a seperate domain name?

And I'd suggest you add a guest book on your site. It is easier to leave generic kind marks there than here. what say?

The E HomeMaker said...

Sorry. msn's server was giving some error, hence the comment got posted 3 times.

Shilpa said...

yup, and i took care of those extra comments :-)

i did register at adsense and thats what they said - need an independent domain name. there is no problem with posting ads on msn thought. just need a provider.

anyways, will try again. lets see what reason they give now

Aryan said...

Oh congrats advanced photoshop user.. Are u a graphic designer by any chance?
Aryan's mom