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Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Time Saving Kitchen Tips

I simply can't have enough of tips. It's one of my favorite tags for googling. I keep surfing for them until i drop! Often i come across some really funny tips, but i wont be wasting time in mentioning those here. I sure will make another post only for those kind of hilarious stuffs. Right now, back to business. Here are some handy time saving tips that i follow:

Freeze left-over coffee in cubes. When you want a cup of coffee, heat a few cubes in a cup in the microwave. Especially like to do this with flavored coffees.
To chop onions the easy way, start by cutting off the stem end,then peel the skin back to the root, KEEPING THE SKIN ATTACHED. Holding the skin to steady the onion, cut in half nearly to the root end, then at right angles to the first cut, 3 or 4 more cuts nearly to the root end. Next, still holding the root end by the skin, slice finely across the onion from the stem end, the result will be nicely chopped onion. And it takes longer to explain than to do it!
I keep a dry mix of 1 part cornstarch and 2 parts flour in a container to use for making gravy. Just scoop out amount needed and mix with cold water. Also,I make my gravy in the microwave,I boil off my drippings from the pan and put it in a 2 cup or 4 cup measure and make in microwave stirring several times.
Rub a cut white potato over your hands to rid your hands of onion odor.

Keep a slice of apple with potatoes to keep them from budding.

I keep several recipe cards in my recipe box titled with my favorite cooking magazines or cookbooks. Each card headed w/catagories : desserts, soups, main courses, etc. I write the recipe name, magazine name, date of magazine & page number. It saves so much time when searching for recipes.
Don't toss out those small empty creamers and milkers after you've added the contents to your coffee or tea! Wash them out and keep them to use as moulds for your next batch of homemade chocolates. With a little squeeze on the bottom of the creamer, your chocolate creation will pop right out!
Freeze ground meat in 1 pound portions and place into freezer storage bags. Flatten out to the edges of the bag and remove all the air before zipping and sealing, then freezing. These flat bags of ground meats stack neatly laid flat or standing on edge in the freezer. If you want a smaller amount it’s easy just to break it off then reseal the bag. The meats also thaw quicker when stored this way
I use soda bicarb to clean my coffee cup and coffee pot. Just wet the item to be cleaned and pour in some soda bicarb. Clean by rubbing with a wet dish rag or damp paper towel. Some even use Salt for the same. Salt is cheaper than sugar as someone suggested and does a great job. Just be sure to rinse well after cleaning.

Some tips are from here, others are my own.

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