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Monday, December 3, 2007

Balancing your life

By following a few simple things, it will help to relieve much stress and depression:

1. SCHEDULE breaks during the day:

2. After working two hours in the morning, take a complete break for 15 minutes. If you lie down put the phone close enough so you can answer it or unplug it.

3. Schedule a lunch break. Sit down and eat, relax, listen to music, visit with the kids. But sit and relax.

4. SET ASIDE 1 hour for yourself. If children are little, they must spend that hour napping or playing quietly in their room. This is not a punishment -- they need a break too. And they will gain a much more balanced mother.
DURING THIS HOUR choose what you want to do most that day:
a. nap
b. paint fingernails
c. good facial
d. learn to fly a plane
e. take painting lessons
f. practice a musical instrument
g. long soak in a bubble bath
h. read -- trivial or profound -- just what you want
i. play a game
j. dream it and do it, etc.

The main thing to remember about this hour is that you can do anything, but be certain it is what you WANT to do not what you MUST do.

Contributed by: Marie in Tampa

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